Information Booklet

2023 Information Booklet

Annual Report to the Community

Medical Form

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Lunch Order List

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Policies and Procedures





DOBCEL Anaphylaxis Management Policy

DOBCEL Assessment and Reporting Policy

DOBCEL Asthma Management Policy

DOBCEL Attendance Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Australian Democratic Principles

DOBCEL Behaviour Management Policy and Appendices

DOBCEL Child Safe Standards Recordkeeping Policy 2022

DOBCEL Communication Policy

DOBCEL Digital Technologies Policy and Agreement

DOBCEL Duty of Care Statement

DOBCEL Emergency and Critical Incident Management Policy

DOBCEL Enrolment Policy

DOBCEL First Aid and Infection Control Policy

DOBCEL First Aid Infection Control Procedures and Appendices

DOBCEL Learning and Teaching Policy

DOBCEL Occupational Health and Safety Policy

DOBCEL Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Policy

DOBCEL Privacy Policy

DOBCEL Responsible Person Policy and Procedure

DOBCEL School Camps Excursions and Off Site Activities Policy

DOBCEL School Camps Excursions and Off Site Activities Procedure

DOBCEL School Financial Oversight Policy Procedures and Appendices

DOBCEL Student Care and Health Policy First Aid

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Policy

Risk Management Framework

Risk Management Policy